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Which Way Are You Supposed to Wear a Ring?

Which way are you supposed to wear a ring? Which way does this ring go? I get asked these questions all the time, especially because so many of my ring designs are asymmetrical. The answer I always give is, “rings are for YOU! You should wear them however YOU want!”


You probably wear a lot of jewelry everyday that you don’t even get to see or appreciate. Your earrings and necklaces are seen by other people all day long. The beauty of your rings is that you get to appreciate and enjoy them! So not only should the rings you adorn your fingers with make you happy, you should wear them whichever way YOU like! You get to admire your rings, so choose them for you and wear them the way you like them!

Druzy Ring Trillon Shape with Diamond

Lots of sparkle in this one of a kind, asymmetrical ring!

Druzy Agate Ring Trillion Shape with Diamond 

The clothes we wear are usually appreciated by others more than ourselves! We choose clothing that makes us feel good, comfortable, fashionable.We select our attire based on our own style and likes, taking a glance in the mirror before we leave the house, and then likely forgetting about what we look like as we go about our days. Earrings and necklaces fall into this category. We put them on in the morning and forget they are there! That doesn’t mean they are unimportant, we all like to look good and allow our jewelry to express something about ourselves and our unique personal style. Of course rings should do this too!


Maybe you are a person who talks with their hands a lot. I sure am! (this comes from my years of ballet dancing - in ballet performances, we have to tell a story through mime/ hand gestures, and it certainly is a challenge to express so much without words!). When we talk with our hands, our rings certainly do get attention. Maybe you also work with your hands, or have a job where people are seeing your hands all the time. Rings definitely get attention from others - in fact I always notice rings that other people are wearing!

Druzy Ring Pear Shape Silver and Rose Gold

Is there a "right" way to wear a pear? There's no wrong way!

Druzy Ring Pear Shape Silver and Rose Gold

Rings are special in the fact that we get to enjoy them all day long. Unless your job or daily activities require you to wear gloves, you get to appreciate the jewelry on your fingers while you wear them. Such important jewelry “real estate” deserves special jewelry pieces! 


I have always designed a lot of rings for exactly this reason. Rings are for you! Choosing a ring that lights you up, reminds you of something significant, celebrates an occasion, your family tree or a milestone in your life, or simply because it is pretty and brings you JOY - all great reasons to fancy up those fingers! Meaningful gemstones, healing gemstones and unique designs are all great starting points when choosing a special ring. In fact, my “Self Love Ring” collection was designed after a big break up! Just as wedding rings are “a thing”, so are divorce and break up rings! Who knew?!

 Larimar Oval Ring Two Tone Hammered Band Size 8-1/4  LARIMAR OVAL RING TWO TONE HAMMERED BAND

Caribbean Larimar "Self Love" Ring, Silver and 14kt Gold

Larimar Oval Ring Two Tone Hammered Band 

Rings have historically had great significance as bridal jewelry, and similar status and symbolism. Wedding rings are traditionally worn on the left ring finger, since it is believed that there is a vein that runs directly from that finger to the heart! Birthstone rings are a long standing tradition and were worn on the first finger of the right hand. Signet rings were worn and used in personalized wax seals for letters. Like most jewelry, rings have lots of historical significance, often very different than the reasons we wear them today!


What rings will you choose for your own enjoyment and delight? 


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1 Response

Janice Hofer

Janice Hofer

June 09, 2021

I always wondered about which way to wear rings til I spoke with you & you suggested that the ring should be worn to please the wearer so now I wear my rings in the position that I enjoy looking at them. Ty, Janice

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