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7 Years of FantaSea Jewelry!

On July 15th, 2023, we will be celebrating the 7th anniversary of FantaSea Jewelry! For the past 7 years, I have been dedicated to bringing you amazing gemstones, island-inspired designs, limited edition jewelry, one-of-a-kinds, and endless inspiration from the world of gems and jewelry. My mission is to infuse more beauty and inspiration into the world, and our daily lives, through the art of jewelry making.

Nicole of FantaSea Jewelry making jewelry

Making magic on the jeweler's bench

At FantaSea Jewelry, my creations are born from the natural beauty surrounding us in paradise and the energy and magic this island holds. My intention is to create lasting memories and connections through my work, providing tangible keepsakes that transport you back to a cherished moment on your journey. I value education and strive to share the inspiration behind my creations, the manufacturing process, and the materials and minerals used. It has been an absolute blessing to serve you over the past 7 years, and I look forward many more years of inspiration and creativity.

14kt Gold Sun Necklace

The Sun Collection - in 14kt Gold - "BE the Light" 

You might be thinking, "FantaSea Jewelry has been around longer than 7 years!" And you would be correct. If you remember the business before I took over, you are a FantaSea "OG!" The original FantaSea Jewelry was owned and operated by my dear friend, Liz, who passed away in 2016. When Liz fell ill, I stepped in to help keep the business running. Eventually, I purchased the business and have since continued to produce many of the original collections. With a reimagined vision, I have added new designs and creations to this ocean-inspired jewelry line, paying homage to its legacy while moving forward with renewed passion.

From humble beginnings as a cruise ship vendor stall, FantaSea Jewelry has survived the hurricane season of 2017 and a global pandemic, and expanded into a breathtaking jewelry boutique, studio workshop, and art gallery located in Christiansted, St. Croix. Our stunning, creative space showcases our jewelry collections alongside works from other talented artists from St. Croix. With a small team of skilled artisans and production partners, we constantly push the boundaries of creativity to bring you remarkable jewelry pieces that authentically reflect the magic and beauty of St. Croix.

FantaSea Jewelry at Cruise Ship Pier

FantaSea Jewelry Vendor Table, 2016

The seven-year itch is a real thing! In my personal life, none of my relationships have surpassed the seven-year mark, and the same can be said for my first jewelry business! While I won't delve into the details of either, I did close a highly successful jewelry business in 2009. The decision to close the doors on that venture stemmed from intense burnout and a desire to inject more creativity into my work, something my previous business model didn't allow. Armed with lessons from that experience, I held onto my vision of a truly creative business—one that not only thrives but also brings me joy and fulfillment as I pursue my creative dreams.

 Nicole at GemsDirect

Sharing the magic and inspiration, GemsDirect, 2007

Although I've been on this journey with FantaSea Jewelry for 7 years, I have actively worked in the jewelry industry for 25 years. Jewelry has been my first and only career, and I committed to it early on by immersing myself in all “facets” of the business. Beginning my career with gemology, I initially thought I would be content selling jewelry and working in the front of the house. However, my early days in the industry as a buyer and merchandiser left me yearning to design the unique pieces I couldn't find elsewhere. My focus has always been on the gems, and I found myself dissatisfied with the quality of gemstones in many colored gemstone jewelry lines. This led me to pursue an education in jewelry manufacturing, and the rest, as they say, is history. For 25 years, I have strived to surpass each previous collection or creation, bringing fresh energy and innovation to my work.

Gemstone Stack Rings Silver and Gold

Gemstone stack rings in silver and gold

The values that hold personal significance to me are interwoven into the fabric of my business. This is the beauty of a creative business and brand—the authenticity shines through! Speaking of authenticity, it is one of my core values. I cannot stand behind something I don't genuinely believe in, and I am not a fan of business gimmicks. What you see with FantaSea Jewelry is what you get. This applies to my jewelry too—if it's not real, I won't work with it!

Education in the industry holds great importance to me. Not everyone working in the jewelry business has the fundamental knowledge of many of the basics of the jewelry world and its standards, and this often leads to misinformation and consumer confusion. When investing in a luxury product, I believe it's crucial to make purchases from someone with extensive knowledge across various aspects of the industry. I love to share what I know about gemstones, diamond and the various manufacturing process and standards of the jewelry business as a whole! Educated customers are a gift!

Crustal towers and a GIA Diploma

Gemological Institute of America Credentials (and some crystals)

Inspiration is absolutely the driving force behind my creative business. Crafting unique pieces holds paramount importance in my work. I seldom follow trends, as I have an abundance of ideas of my own. If everyone else is doing it, I'm pretty much going to run in the other direction. Inspiration can take various forms—it's not limited to creating tangible pieces but extends to sharing what I do and what my business stands for. In this age of technology, we are fortunate to have incredible tools at our disposal to showcase our work and share our message. The possibilities are endless, and that is a beautiful thing!

Gold Eye of the Storm Ring

 Eye of the Storm Ring in Gold with Diamonds

In this era of fast-paced technology (which I both love and hate), so much of our world moves at lightning speed. I recall the story of the "slow food" movement, born in Italy in 1986 as a response to McDonald's opening near the Spanish Steps in Rome. "Slow Food" advocates for traditional, locally sourced, and artisanal food production and consumption. It upholds the preservation of regional culinary traditions, sustainable farming practices, and the enjoyment of food as a means to connect with community and culture. I believe this intention can also apply to small, creative art businesses like my own. More slowing down, more presence and attention.

Today, so much jewelry is mass-produced, prioritizing speed and trend over content and quality. I revel in working with high-quality materials, finding magic in sourcing unique and often one-of-a-kind gemstones and designing around them. In the era of Amazon Prime and AI, where speed, convenience and impersonality reign, I maintain that the best things in life take time—including your jewelry. Let me clarify, this is not an excuse for me to operate on "island time." Even on this laid-back island, I still move fast, with New England discipline and drive running through my veins. However, beginning this year, I have made a concerted effort to allocate more time to each piece I create, resisting the urge to rush from one project to the next in the name of getting more done. The result? My jewelry designs are better than ever, and isn’t that the goal? Intentional forward movement and innovation. Let's start a movement for slow jewelry—it's time!

Bezels for gemstones on bench pin

Gold gemstone bezels on the bench! Works in progress. 

As I celebrate the 7 years of FantaSea Jewelry in its current iteration, I am filled with gratitude for the journey we have embarked upon together. From humble beginnings to the vibrant boutique, studio workshop, and art gallery we are today, each step has been infused with creativity, inspiration, and a commitment to doing good work. I cherish the memories created, the connections forged, and the education shared with you, our valued customers and friends. Looking ahead, we maintain our dedication to crafting exceptional jewelry that captures the essence of St. Croix's magic and beauty. Thank you for being a part of our story, and here's to many more years of creativity, joy, and the timeless elegance of slow, creative jewelry!

Nicole in gallery

As FantaSea Jewelry celebrates 7 years, I hope you will join me for a HUGE customer appreciation sale and live event! The party starts on July 11 - so be sure to sign up for pre-sale access below!

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2 Responses

Carol Moeser

Carol Moeser

August 07, 2023

My large “eye of the storm” pendant with a beautiful BLUE stone never fails to bring compliments. Love it!!!! Very nice working with Nicole to get my necklace made and to me, shortly after my vacation to St. Croix.

Bev Anderson

Bev Anderson

August 07, 2023

Love the FantaSea story, Nicole. Happy Birthday and Cheers to many more successful years!

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