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Self Love is Here to Stay

Self love is here to stay (and so is the“Self Love” Ring!).

Self love is a term we hear all the time these days! It’s everywhere. Self love, self work, focusing on ourselves - and though overused, it’s really important stuff. After all, you can’t pour from an empty cup! We all need to take care of ourselves first - put our own oxygen masks on before we can truly, genuinely show up for others.

Easier said than done though, right?! I agree. I often share advice (and quotes!) that I need to hear. Self love, and remembering to put ourselves, and our own needs, first is definitely one of those that I need to remind myself of often. Maybe you can relate.

Sometimes self love looks like massages and spa days, sometimes it looks like a new, shiny piece of jewelry, sometimes it looks like a cup of coffee and a book or blank page in a journal, and sometimes, it looks like taking a some time to focus on ourselves and what matters to us - without the “noise” of the outside world. Whatever self love looks like to you, I hope you are remembering to practice it in your daily life.

Self Love Candle

Jewelry ties us to moments, to memories. Realizing that I created the first self love ring 5 years ago brings back all sorts of memories for me. I made the ring for myself after I had just ended a long relationship and wanted something to replace my engagement ring on my left ring finger. I wasn’t ready to open my heart again at that time, so this ring served as a promise ring to myself, a promise to take time to put myself first and focus on self love.

Wedding rings are traditionally worn on the left ring finger, as it was believed that there is a vein that runs directly from that finger to the heart. An appropriate placement for rings that symbolize romantic commitment, or the notion of self love!


Maybe you have a piece of jewelry (or several!) that remind you of a time in your life, a special vacation, or milestone. Wedding rings are worn daily to remind us of one of the very special relationships in our lives, and along the same lines, the “Self Love” ring is meant to serve as a reminder of the relationship and love we have for ourselves.

Married, single, dating, looking for love, healing your heart - wherever you are on your journey of love and self love, the “Self Love” ring is a reminder to love yourself first! The rest really does fall into place.


Silver and 14kt Yellow Gold Diamond Bezel Stack Ring

Now, I make these self love rings with many different gemstones, different shapes, and different metal combinations. It’s a style that is highly customizable. Two bands, flanking a solitaire style gemstone ring have a look similar to a wedding set, and the stack of three represents the past, present and future. A perfect symbol on the journey of self love!

Labradorite Self Love Stack Ring

Labradorite "Self Love" Rose Cut Ring Silver and Gold

Moonstone and labradorite have been some of the favorite stone selections of the cabochon cut stones, and blue topaz and diamond have been really popular faceted gemstone options.Blue Topaz Two Tone Self Love Stack Ring

2.50 Carat Faceted Blue Topaz Self Love Stack Ring

Picking a gemstone for your self love ring is half the fun! Perhaps it is color that is important to you, or the healing properties of a gem, or a birthstone, or maybe you feel called to a specific stone for an unknown reason (that’s the magic of gemstones!). Whatever your desires, we can work together to create a self love ring just for you!



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