Aquamarine Healing Properties and the March Birthstone

March 02, 2019

Aquamarine Healing Properties and the March Birthstone

Aquamarine healing properties include harnessing the energy of the ocean and promoting safe travel over the water. Appropriately, the name “aquamarine” comes from the Latin “sea water”. Besides the obvious association with the ocean, aquamarine is also a gemstone known to aid in healing and overcoming one’s fears, and clarity of thought and expression, especially verbal communication. It is also the birthstone for the month of March and the gemstone for the 19th wedding anniversary.

The delicate blue of this gemstone resembles the blue shades of the Caribbean skies more than the waters, and just like the sky with its varying shades of blue, aquamarine is found in many different hues and qualities. Very pale aquamarine are found readily and can often look like a blue tinted diamond, however, without as much brilliance. These icy, cool aquamarine stones look great in white metals like silver and platinum. More deeply saturated stones are also found, and these generally command higher prices.

Drawing of an aquamarine crystal

Drawing of an Aquamarine Crystal by Squirrelly Minds Paper

Aquamarine is a variety of the mineral “beryl” which is a family that also includes emerald, morganite and heliodor (also known as golden beryl). It is most commonly seen faceted, or cut, like a diamond in standard and fancy shapes. Since the material itself grows in long crystals, cuts like oval, pear shape, and emerald are common as well as elongated versions of the same. All shapes are easily found however, including more symmetrical shapes like round, trillion and square or princess. Aquamarine can also be found cut as a cabochon, or domed and smoothly polished, as often seen with material that doesn’t have good clarity. The selection of cabochons and crystals in the photo below are stones I hand selected on a trip to Southeast Asia in 2015.

Aquamarine Cabochons and RoughAquamarine Cabochons and Crystals from Vietnam

Brazil remains the most significant source of Aquamarine, but it is also found in African countries such as Nigeria, Namibia and Mozambique. There are also aquamarine deposits in the United States, India, China, Vietnam and Russia.

As the gemstone of conquering one’s fears - I purchased a high quality aquamarine for myself after my very first skydive! Not only did it represent getting over this particular fear (and a couple others) but the beautiful, vivid sky blue of the gem reminded me of the blue skies from which I jumped! Years later I purchased a large aquamarine cabochon, which I wore as a necklace in an attempt to promote clarity of expression at a time when I needed to find my voice. This has always been a meaningful gemstone for me.

Skydive Virgin Islands St. Croix

Skydiving over the West End of St. Croix!

Associated mainly with the throat chakra, clarity in verbal communication and healing of illnesses of the throat are some of the metaphysical ways this gemstone is used. Also used in working with the heart chakra, aquamarine is said to open up the heart and help us to recognize our innermost truth, releasing that which no longer serves us. A pretty powerful stone in all senses!

Aquamarine ring with 14kt rose gold bezel setting on a sterling silver band - accented with rose gold hammered stacks!

Click the here for more info and to see the details on this ring!

This aquamarine ring was made with one of the gemstones I brought back from my trip to Southeast Asia!

Click here to see details - this ring is one of a kind!

Is this wondrous gem YOUR birthstone? Do you have an aquamarine story? If not, let's create one! I have many beautiful loose gemstones just waiting to become part of your treasured collection. 

Aquamarine March Birthstone




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