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St. Croix in September: Five Things I Learned

St. Croix in September: Five Things I Learned

September on St. Croix can be a sleepy month, when we aren’t experiencing hurricanes! There is certainly the stress of keeping an eye on the weather and navigating “off-season”, but there is also a beautiful gift in taking some time to slow down and appreciate island life when we can!

Living in paradise isn’t all about beach days and tropical drinks - some of us actually have to work for a living! One of the beautiful things about island life is that on a day off, we can take the time to appreciate what our island has to offer, and “play tourist” for a bit!

I took some down time this September and made it my mission to immerse myself in many of these wonderful St. Croix experiences. It was such a wonderful month full of adventure and appreciation for the unique allure of our island. I might have to make this a yearly tradition!

Here’s my list of the highlights of my month, I hope you will share yours with me too!


I really don't believe it ever rains at this beach - it’s always sunny! Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge on the West End of St. Croix is a protected beach where endangered sea turtles make their nests. It is also one of the most beautiful beaches on the island (and I would say in the whole Caribbean!) The beach is closed from April to August, during the height of the turtle nesting season. Check out the St. Croix Sea Turtle Project for information about their sea turtle conservation efforts, and you can also adopt a sea turtle! Check out their social media pages for awesome updates! St. Croix Sea Turtle Project on Facebook and @stxturtles on Instagram

(Fun fact: Part of the movie “The Shawshank Redemption” was filmed here!)

Sandy Point St. Croix USVI (Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge on St. Croix)

The Petroglyph Sea Turtle Collection is a tribute to the amazing sea turtles who nest on our beaches and swim in our waters. Sea turtle wisdom reminds us to slow down, go with the flow and let things roll off our backs!


Tucked in the rainforest, with no cell service or wifi, people actually interact with one another here, and it's a beautiful thing! This tropical bar and restaurant is home to St. Croix’s famous beer drinking pigs - don’t worry, they drink non-alcoholic beer. No matter how many times I have seen them, it’s always a great experience. Plus, the amazing food and staff make this an experience like no other! Be sure to try some mamma wanna and if you can make it on Friday, it is roti day! More info at and Domino Club St. Croix on Facebook

St. Croix Domino Hut Club Beer Drinking Pigs (The famous beer drinking pigs at the Domino Club on St. Croix)


If you've lived on St. Croix for long enough, you've probably thought that going from one end of this 28-mile long island to the other is a full-day affair! Guess what?! IT'S NOT! Though dodging potholes might add some time to the journey, traveling west from east doesn’t take as long as I always think it does. Spending more time out in Frederiksted this September reminded me of its unique energy and how a trip across the island can put you in a totally different feeling. It's totally worth the "long trip" to the other side!St. Croix Map with Miles 4. SUNSETS ON ST. CROIX ARE STUNNING WHEREVER YOU ARE

Sunsets are spectacular out West, but also from Point Udall out east, the Christiansted Boardwalk, or (my personal favorite) a sunset sail with Big Beard’s Adventure Tours! Taking time to catch some sunsets in September has been one of my favorite things. We are so blessed to have the opportunity to witness nature and the natural beauty of this spectacular daily event. While watching the sun dip below the unobstructed ocean horizon in Frederiksted is hard to beat, sunsets can be enjoyed from as far east as Point Udall (a great plac to watch the sunrise too), the Christiansted boardwalk or even from my very own north-facing porch. I have to go with Big Beard’s Sunset Sail for the win though - I can’t recommend this one enough!

St. Croix West End Sunset(Sunset over the water near the Frederiksted Pier) 

Our Sun Collection is not only a way to carry your Caribbean sunshine with you everywhere you go, but also a reminder to "be the light" and bring more positivity into the world with that joyful island vibe. 


St. Croix really has "a vibe like no other" and it's the people who live here that make the island so great! Some may say we are a little behind the times here, but I think that’s a gift! We appreciate life for what it is, we greet friends and strangers alike, move at our own pace and take care of one another. There’s a special bond between people who live or have lived here, and it’s a strong one. Genuine, kind, authentic, and positive - we simply focus on what really matters in life!

Heart Hands Sunset


There is a reason that so many of the FantaSea Jewelry collections are inspired by the experiences and energy of this island! 

Click here to shop >> THE SUN COLLECTION

The Sun Collection by FantaSea Jewelry


The Petroglyph Sea Turtle Collection by FantaSea Jewelry


The experience of St. Croix cannot possibly be summed up in only 5 things. There are many other wonderful activities that deserve honorable mention here! There’s also great hiking, shopping, dinners, brunch, sunrises, diving, snorkeling, zip lining, parasailing, locally distilled rum and vodka, local beer and so much more!

What’s your favorite St. Croix experience? I bet you can’t pick just one either… So share your top 3-5 in the comments below!


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