Labradorite Side Set Pear Ring Silver

Labradorite ring in silver with a hammer textured band and a sideways set stone will definitely turn some heads! If you enjoy things that are just a little bit different, this sleek modern bezel ring is for you! Flash labradorite sits in cool sterling silver. 

(Exact color and flash of labradorite stone will vary as this is a natural gem)


  • Made to order in your size
  • 4.5mm wide band, hammer textured sterling silver
  • 15x12mm pear-shaped labradorite cabochon - side set
  • Sterling silver bezel setting

Each labradorite is unique in its depth and color variation, as it occurs in nature. This adds to the individuality and beauty of each piece, making it a true one of a kind. Gemstones that exhibit adularescence and labradorescence, such as labradorite and moonstone, have inclusions within them, and this is what creates the light refraction and the color flash. These are not flaws or cracks, they are part of the beauty of this natural gemstone.

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