Sun Swirl Earrings Sterling Silver


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Sun swirl earrings in sterling silver beam brilliant light from your ears. Like the sun itself, the highly polished metal shines and shimmers. Carry your light and BE the light with your swirling sun symbols. Keep the warmth of the summer, or memories of your Caribbean vacation, with you always. 


  • Sterling silver sun earrings with circle around the sun
  • Measures 3/4" across (sun/ circle only)
  • Sterling silver French style ear wires 

We all have a light inside us, within our spirit and our soul, that longs to shine brightly and without hindrance. Sometimes, life gets the best of us and our light becomes less apparent, more dim, or even non-existent. The sun collection is a wearable reminder to step into the sunlight, into your personal light and greatness and allow your true self to shine! 

Step into the sunlight and imagine yourself on your favorite beach, whether that be a tropical shoreline escape on one of the beautiful Caribbean islands, or your favorite summertime beach close to home where you spend long summer days with family and friends. This sun design is a constant reminder of the abundance and life giving force that is the sun, paired with the spiral center, a symbol of constant growth and evolution. 

Living in the Caribbean, we are delighted to many sunny days throughout the year - days where we can walk outside and feel like abundant warmth of the sun on bare skin, wrapping around us like a cozy blanket and smiling upon us with loving light. Wear the spirit of the sun when you need a reminder of your brilliance, and buoyant light energy. Live in the sunlight of the spirit.