Gold Sun Medallion Pendant Large


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The large sun medallion pendant in 14kt yellow gold is a radiant and brilliant necklace that is reminiscent of Caribbean sunshine. Wearing this sun design is symbolic of the bright abundance of energy that the sun provides, and its spiral center is symbolic of everlasting growth and development.


  • 14kt yellow gold sun pendant with a circle around the sun
  • Measures 1-1/8" across and 1-1/2 long" including loop
  • Loop-style bail holds the chain
  • 14kt yellow gold paperclip style chain 18" included


This pendant is designed to remind you to access the light within and share it with the world - because when life gets hard and your spirit is dimmed, you need a catalyst to help you shine again. The sun-inspired medallion provides calming, cozy energy, like a warm hug from the Caribbean sunshine. Embrace the spirit of the sun and wear the pendant to always remember your beautiful internal light.