Silver Swirl Hook Bracelet Latching Bangle 7-1/4"

Silver Swirl Hook Bracelet Latching Bangle


  • Sterling silver bracelet and swirl center
  • 3mm wide bracelet band
  • Hammered swirl centerpiece and lightly hammer textured band
  • Centerpiece measures approx. 2" x 1"
  • Size 7-1/4"

Just like the ancient Petroglyph drawings, the spiral swirl symbolizes balance, expanding awareness, the endless journey of life and the constant progress and evolution of the Universe.

Taking a tape measure, measure your wrist to determine your wrist size. If you prefer your bracelet to be more snug we recommend 1/4" larger than your actual wrist measurement and if you prefer a bit more room, 1/2" larger. These island style bangles are made in an oval shape, the shape of your wrist, and are styled so that the design remains visible on top of your wrist - no flipping around. 

The design of this bracelet is unique in it's form and design. The bracelet wire is wrapped around the swirls on one side and hooks open and closed on the other. It remains closed via tension, and is not soldered down. This tension keeps the bracelet hooked while wearing, and adds increased comfort and protection while on your wrist.

To put your spiral swirl bangle bracelet on, simply unhook and gently open by bending the thicker bracelet wire open just enough to fit your wrist through. It's easiest to place the bracelet over your wrist, not your hand. Push back together to hook closed. The thinner swirls are not as pliable and repeated bending can hurt them. The bracelet wire, on the other hand is extremely pliable and will never develop fractures since it is thicker, and there are no soldered joints, so feel free to bend and shape it to what is comfortable for you!

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