Sea Turtle Ring with Swirl Shell and Peridot


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Wrapping her gentle fins around your finger, this graceful green sea turtle wears a brilliant, sparkling peridot gemstone on her back. The elegantly detailed shell is oxidized to create depth and then brought back to a high polish. The fine swirl details are inspired by the flowing movement of the sea turtle's ocean abode.


  • Sterling silver with oxidized (blackened) swirl details
  • 8x6mm genuine Peridot
  • Turtle measures 21mm tall and 14.5mm across the shell
  • Band tapers to 3mm in back
  • Made to order in your size. 

Turtles, in ancient symbolism, represent creation, endurance, strength, stability, and a gentle innocence. They offer protection and good fortune and are considered sacred in many cultures. The mythical turtle is a creature of two elements; land and sea and as such, she reflects an ability to adapt and flourish in any environment. Those who bear the symbol of the turtle carry the responsibility of caring for, protecting, and nurturing others.