Pink Pearl Triple Strand Necklace with Gold Clasp


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These stunning natural color and shaped pink pearls are a pearl lover's dream! The smooth, off-round pearls have a warm, peachy pink tone with a radiant luster. Pink pearls, like white ones, look different on every skin tone! So pearls actually mirror the beauty of the person wearing them! The triple strand necklace is great for the office or a fancy dinner out! 7-8mm peachy pink pearls fall in three lengths, starting at 16-1/2" for the shortest, and the longest falling around 18-1/2". The textured pearl clasp is 14kt yellow gold. 


  • 16-1/2", 17-1/2", 18-1/2" for the three strands
  • natural color and natural off-round shape
  • 7-8mm off-round
  • smooth surface with luster and peachy pink color with gold tones
  • individually hand knotted between each pearl
  • solid 14kt yellow gold triple strand clasp