Pear Shaped Rose Cut Moonstone Solitaire Stacking Bezel Ring Set

Shimmering, lustrous rose cut moonstone has subtle hues of aqua, blues, and greens flashing from deep within the luminous gem. Each rainbow moonstone varies in color and luster as it is a natural stone, and is beautiful in its individuality. No two are ever alike so the unique mystical glow of the stone in your ring will be uniquely yours!

Adularescent gemstones, (a fancy gemological term describing the phenomenon seen in moonstone), such as these rainbow moonstones, have multiple layers and feather-like inclusions within them, and this is what creates the light refraction and the color flash. These are not flaws, they are part of the beauty of the gemstone.


  • 10x7mm genuine rose cut rainbow moonstone (faceted top cabochon)
  • Sterling silver bezel setting
  • 2mm sterling silver twisted wire band
  • Available in ring sizes 5-10 (additional sizes available upon request)

This stunning 10x7mm pear shaped moonstone cabochon is a rose cut, or faceted cabochon, the stone is protected by a heavy bezel setting which sits on a sterling silver twist band. This ring comes as a set with the matching twist band, or you can purchase the solitaire separately. 

Ring Size

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