Moonstone Ring with Rose Cut Diamond Rose Gold and Silver

This moonstone ring with rose cut diamond in rose gold and sterling silver is a one of a kind! The large oval moonstone has a stunning flash when the light enters it, wrapped in a warm, rose gold setting. The rose cut diamond accent is a peach champagne color, pairing well with the moonstone and rose gold tones. 


  • Sterling silver ring setting 
  • Solid 14kt rose gold bezel setting for moonstone
  • 18x13mm oval moonstone
  • 3mm round, rose-cut genuine champagne diamond
  • Ring size 7-1/2

The sterling silver double band is split on one side to accommodate the bezel setting for the diamond accent, giving the ring an asymmetrical quality. 

Moonstone is a mysterious and seductive gem, possessing feminine qualities and being thought to connect the wearer to the powers of the moon. This powerful mineral (a variety of feldspar) is a very personal and reflective stone that is often used in meditation. It is said to promote calm, balance and serenity while also enhancing “feminine energies” such as intuition, creativity, and inspiration.

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