Labradorite Pendant Marquise Shape with Blue Topaz

This labradorite marquise pendant with blue topaz is full of magical shimmer in earthy greens and teal blues. Accented with a round brilliant London blue topaz, this statement pendant is a real attention-getter and conversation piece. The highly polished silver "halo" around the stone completes the aesthetic like the frame around a beautiful photo. 


  • Sterling silver pendant setting and chain
  • Pendant measures 2-1/4" by just over 1" at ist widest point
  • Marquise shaped labradorite measures 41x15mm
  • 5mm London blue topaz accent in a bezel setting
  • Comes with a sterling silver box chain (shown)

Labradorite was once thought to be frozen crystals from the Aurora Borealis that had fallen down to the earth, when it was first discovered in Labrador, Canada - where it gets its name. The shimmer, known as "labradorescence" when seen in this gemstones, does have a magical and mystical quality. 

Labradorite is a gemstones of protection and is a gemstone that is excellent to wear around the neck and the throat chakra. It also enhances clarity in communication. 

You can read more about labradorite here:

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