High Dome Oval Larimar Ring Sterling Silver Size 6


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A Caribbean Larimar oval ring that makes a statement in a simple but trendy style! The blue larimar cabochon has a rippling water pattern and the high domed gemstone sits tall on 4.5mm wide band, hand fabricated from thick stock for a very comfortable fit. The texture of the metal plays with the light and the band sparkles in the light, and the stoneis set in a bezel setting


  • Ring size 6
  • 4.5mm wide band, hammer textured sterling silver
  • 14x10mm oval larimar cabochon
  • Sterling silver ring setting

About Caribbean Larimar:

Larimar is a variety of the mineral pectolite, discovered in the Dominican Republic in the 1970’s, still the only place in the world it is sourced. A Peace Corps worker and a native Dominican found the specimens on the beach, calling it Larimar, combining the name Larissa, for a young woman with deep blue eyes and mar, the Spanish word for the sea.

A durable gemstone, Larimar is not enhanced in any way. The distinctive patterns are nature’s unique creation. Larimar aids the wearer in releasing emotional baggage and promotes serenity and positivity.

The two-tone Larimar ring can be purchased on its own, or with one or two yellow gold, hammer textured accent bands. This makes for a unique statement stack ring set!