BALANCE: Druzy Ring Silver and Rose Gold with Accent Stone

Deposit on made-to-order triangular druzy ring. Total $320 (balance after this payment is $0, unless changes are made to design).

Druzy is not a gemstone, rather the name for a mineral or gem that displays the raw crystal faces like in this ring. Amethyst druzy is seen frequently, from museums to crystal shops to raw gemstone jewelry. The white druzy in this ring is a druzy agate, which is a variety of quartz with a very small crystal structure - thus the small crystals that make for this dazzling look!


  • Ring size 8
  • 3mm wide band, hammer textured
  • 10mm triangular druzy agate
  • 2.5mm pink sapphire (light pink)
  • 14kt rose gold bezel settings
  • Solid sterling silver ring

The ring band is 3mm wide and hand fabricated from thick stock for a very comfortable fit, then highly polished for maximum shine. The texture of the metal plays with the light and the band sparkles as it is worn. Hammer texture does for metal what facets do for a gemstone! Sparkle and shine.