Sea Turtle Ring with Moonstone or Labradorite


  • Sterling silver ring
  • Sterling silver 3mm wide band
  • 8mm round gemstone cabochon: available in smooth rainbow moonstone, rose cut rainbow moonstone or labradorite
  • Available in ring sizes 5-10

Sea turtles have been around for many years before humans and as such are a symbol in many cultures of longevity, endurance, patience and wisdom. The sea turtle is a creature of two elements; land and sea and as such she reflects an ability to adapt and flourish in any environment and feel “at home”- as the turtle carries her home on her back. 

Turtle symbols are often worn as a totem or talisman of good luck, longevity, wisdom, balance, nurturing, patience, resilience, slowing down and trusting your intuition and inner guide. 

This sterling silver sea turtle ring features a sea turtle design created to accommodate a cabochon gemstone for the shell, which was hand carved, then cast in precious metal. The 8mm round gemstone shell is available in your choice of smooth top rainbow moonstone, rose cut (faceted top) rainbow moonstone or smooth top labradorite. 

Made to order in your size, this turtle ring measures approximately 3/4″ at the widest point, and is a nice weight in sterling silver. A thick, and very comfortable 3mm wide sterling silver band wraps around in a slightly offset style.

Each moonstone or labradorite is unique in it’s luster and color variation, as it occurs in nature. This adds to the individuality and beauty of each piece, making it a true one of a kind! Moonstone exhibits a phenomenon called adularescence and in labradorite, the similar effect is called labradorescence. These natural gems will have inclusions within them, this is what creates the light refraction and the color flash. These are not flaws or cracks, but part of the natural beauty of the gemstone.

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