White Pearl Triple Strand High Luster Necklace


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These stunning white pearls with a natural shape and color are for the pearl connoisseur! The smooth, high-luster off-round pearls have a cool white color with tones of pink and mint green.  Pearls look different on every skin tone! So pearls actually mirror the beauty of the person wearing them! The triple-strand necklace is a perfect necklace to wear on your wedding day and then treasure for years to come. Three strands fall at 17", 18" and 19" lengths. The textured pearl clasp is 14kt yellow gold. 


  • 17", 18", 19: for the three strands
  • natural color and natural off-round shape
  • 7-8mm off-round
  • smooth surface with high luster and cool white body with tones of pink and mint green
  • individually hand-knotted between each pearl
  • solid 14kt yellow gold triple strand clasp