Mystic Topaz Earrings Peridot Crush and Neptune's Garden

Mystic topaz earrings in the popular "dream catcher" style feature a fun combination of colors with fiery mystic flash!

The asymmetrical design of these earrings makes them extra special, rather than being mirror images on one another, they are designed with similar spatial relation while not being identical. 


  • Sterling silver with hammer texture
  • Sterling silver french ear wires
  • Hoops measure approx 1-3/4" across
  • Asymmetrical design (each earring is unique, not mirror images)
  • 1 - 5mm round "Peridot Crush" mystic topaz in each earring
  • 1 - 4mm round "Neptune's Garden" topaz in each earring
  • 1 - 3mm round sky blue topaz in each earring

Peridot Crush mystic topaz has a lush green peridot color with flashes of blue, lavender and pink when viewed in the light. Neptune's Garden is a deep royal blue with flashes of purple and teal, and the sky blue topaz provides a complimentary cool blue hue. A stunning and unique mystic fire combination!

Hammered sterling silver glistens in the light, and enhances the beauty of the faceted gemstones in this pair of earrings. 


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