Labradorite Swirl Statement Ring Sterling Silver

Labradorite swirl statement ring features a stunning labradorite gemstone with lots of teal, green, or turquoise blue flash, and swirls of lightly hammered sterling silver to create filigree “wings” which wrap around your finger. Inspired by organic colors and patterns found in nature with a romantic, vintage, feminine feel, the shimmering sterling silver waves wrap snug around your finger and lay flat, for a very comfortable and secure fit. Genuine labradorite is an 18x13mm oval, vertically set in the front and center. Not a dainty ring, it will get noticed! This beauty measures 7/8″ at its widest in the front, and tapers down to a 3mm band along the very back.


  • Sterling silver
  • 18x13mm oval, genuine labradorite
  • Tapers down to a 3mm band
  • Shimmering hammer textured metal
  • Measures 7/8" wide (top of ring)
  • Available in sizes 6-10

Each labradorite gemstone varies in color and pattern as it is a natural stone. They flash blues, greens, gold or teal, in bright light at certain angles, and are a muted grey or brown shade in others. If you have a preference for color flash, please indicate at checkout or send an email to inquire about specific stones – we are always happy to send you photos of our current stock. Each labradorite is unique in it’s depth and color variation, as it occurs in nature. This adds to the individuality and beauty of each piece, making it a true one of a kind. Gemstones which exhibit adularescence and labradorescence, such as labradorite and moonstone, have inclusions within them, and this is what creates the light refraction and the color flash. These are not flaws or cracks, they are part of the beauty of the gemstone.



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