Sea Turtle Swirl Ring with Larimar Adjustable Sterling Silver


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  • Sterling silver turtle ring
  • Sterling silver 3mm wide ring band
  • Genuine oval Larimar cabochon 8x6mm oval
  • Adjustable size - adjust only slightly to prevent damage and maintain shape of ring

Sea turtles have been around for many years before humans and as such are a symbol in many cultures of longevity, endurance, patience and wisdom. The sea turtle is a creature of two elements; land and sea and as such she reflects an ability to adapt and flourish in any environment and feel “at home”- as the turtle carries her home on her back. 

Turtle symbols are often worn as a totem or talisman of good luck, longevity, wisdom, balance, nurturing, patience, resilience, slowing down and trusting your intuition and inner guide. Just like the ancient Petroglyph drawings, the swirl symbolizes balance, expanding awareness, the endless journey of life and the constant progress and evolution of the Universe.

This sterling silver turtle ring is adjustable, and the ring band wraps around the finger in a bypass style. Very comfortable to wear, the band is 3mm wide. One will fit several finger sizes, as it is slightly adjustable. The FantaSea original swirl turtle design was first carved from wax and cast in sterling silver, in this ring it is paired with a cool, blue Caribbean Larimar gemstone.

This ring is adjustable, it will fit several finger sizes, the rings come in small (ring size 4-6), medium (ring size 7-8) and large (ring size 9-11). Please indicate your normal ring size and we will shape the ring to fit to that size, there is minor adjusting you can do due to the open nature of the ring. We do not recommend adjusting too much, as the ring can become misshapen.

Larimar is a genuine, natural gemstone, exclusively found on one island in the Caribbean and is mined only in this one place in the world, in the Dominican Republic. Each one varies in color and pattern as it is a natural stone. No two are ever alike so you will truly have a one of a kind!